Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter Date 9/25/14
Dear Everyone,
This week was super crazy but super fun! I have got to say that I am loving being a missionary and loving spreading the gospel to everyone around me! It is such a blessing to be serving in Sacramento to these wonderful people and to be serving with such a great companion.  

Last Monday for P-day we played a game called Zombies and it is the funniest game in the world! Our whole Zone played and we all had a blast.  Where some of these Elders come up with ideas is crazy. But Zombies is like tag and steal the flag put into one game. A couple people start out as the Zombies then the Humans have marshmallows to hit the Zombies who have a spot were they go to, to get back alive. Then there is a freebie that turns the zombies into humans again. It makes no sense but when I get home I can explain it a lot more.  But it was probably the funniest thing that I have done so far on my mission. 

Tuesday was an amazing day. It was New Missionary Training so I got to see my MTC district again. It was so wonderful to see how they were all doing in their new areas with their new companions. I have missed them all so much and it was great to see that they were all doing well.  Elder Riplie has made a change, not so homesick any more and he is ready to get out and get to work.  Then Sister Amos was glowing!  So everyone is doing really well.  I just loved hearing their stories and talking to him. 

Wednesday was exchanges and so I was in Anatolia with Sister Faudree.  We had a good time biking all day (yes Mom I do ride my bike) and then Sister Faudree's bike got a flat tire so we walked a little bit.  But it was all good :).
Thursday was good. Just went out and taught and went tracking.  Had some awesome times with my companion and were just building the church!

Friday was a crazy day.  We usually do weekly planning after our studies in the morning, but our mission is starting the Just Serve thing and my zone was the first one to try it.  So we spent 6 hours at a food bank helping people get their food, organizing food, and weighing food. Yes I had to use my math skills that I never really had :).  Its nice to see that there are people out there that are working to help others so that they can survive in a world that is tearing them down. Its nice to see that there are really good people out there that put in their time and money to bring food and shelter to others so that they don't have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from or whether or not they have food for the week.  Its great to see that everyone is being offered a chance.  It was a great experience and I am excited to see what other service projects that they are going to have us do. 

Saturday was the General Women's Conference and that was nice to listen to. I can't wait for conference!!! Its going to be amazing as always and we are going to try and get some investigators to listen to it with us! Oh and Saturday one of the girls we have been teaching set a date for November 1st to be baptized!!! It is so cool to see how much she has changed and how far she has come since the day we were going to drop her.  Now she is planning on getting married and working hard to stop smoking! So I can't wait for her to be baptized!

Sunday we had 4 investigatiors at church and it was a wonderful day! 
Well I love you all and can't wait to see what Miracles the Lord has in store for us this week. He works by our faith and so I am building my faith everyday in him! Have a good week and get ready for conference!!!!

Sister Calton the younger 

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