Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter date 10/7/2014

Dear Everyone,

It was transfers last night and so me and my companion are staying in Mather for another transfer and she will continue to train me.  She is the best trainer in the world and she is the best ever!

Well for this week it was kind of crazy. Zone training, MLC, and service again on Friday, but over all it was a good week. Talked to a lot of people and did the best that we could.

So the funny story for this week was that we locked our keys in our trunk.  The problem with this is that our lever for the trunk is broken inside our car.  We texted all of our Elders to see if any of them knew how to lower the back seat so we could get into the trunk that way. The Spanish Elders told us that the answer would be to look in the owners manual. (this has got to be my first time ever reading the owners manual for anything!) Well now the problem with this is that the owners manual said that the way to lower the back seat was to pull the lever in the trunk.... Ya so we had to get a spare key from the mission home. But we met an amazing lady who cried when we started talking to her about how much God loves her and is proud of the person that she has become. It was so nice to see that and so this shows me that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways :).

Well this is kind of short today don't have too much time. But I hope everyone enjoyed Conference and learned a lot from it. I know I did and so did some of our investigatiors! Listen to what they prophets have to say becasue everything is true. Its time for all of us to be member missionaries and to get out and not be scared to tell people who we are! Also everyone needs to go and see Meet the Mormons! It is the best movie ever and it had even some of our Elders crying, so go and invite some non members to go with you!!!! 

I love you all and have an amazing week!

Sister Calton the younger 

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