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Letter Date 12/15/2014

Dear Everyone,
This week was a pretty good week over all. Starting with last Monday.  For P-day as a zone we made Ginger Bread houses! :) My district made a plantation house with a wrap around porch and then one of the other districts made the temple. I guess you can tell who more gospel minded :) Kidding we all are :). 

​This is our beautiful house :) We all worked very hard on it then it fell apart because of all of the frosting :)But it was fun and we all worked our very hardest! :)
Tuesday was a really good day. It was our Christmas Zone Conference and so we got to go to the temple with our mission President and his wife. It was my Zone (Rancho Cordova), Folsom and Sacramento Zones that were in my group. Then later for the actual Zone Conference, Mantica and South Sac joined us. That means that some of my MTC district was there! :)
Here is an awkward picture of all of us that were there :). I have really missed them so we had a good time talking to each other and seeing how each of our areas are doing. The mission has given us new phones as well so that has been an adventure for this week. We had two phones for each of our areas, but now they combined the phones so we are having to give everyone our new number and also carry around the two other phones until they don't work anymore. Its a challenge but we are grateful for a phone that now works. :)
Christmas Zone Conference was so amazing. It was way spiritual and it was good to go to the temple and to feel of the spirit there. There isn't a better thing to do around Christmas then spend time in the Lord's house. That's what Christmas is all about, helping others to come unto Christ. He is the true gift of Christmas.
Me and my amazing companion together at the temple! :) I can't believe that she is going home in two weeks!!!!! So sad :(
Anyways, Wednesday was exchanges and I went to spend the day in South Sac with Sister Diamond (don't have a picture) but we spent the day moving the sisters into a new apartment, one that they could all fit into. So that was an adventure and it was fun. Its always interesting going to other Zones and seeing how they work.
Thursday was a big storm day. It was supposed to be a very bad storm. All of northen California was freaking out about it and were so worried that the power was going to go out and they were canceling everything cause of this big storm. Well it only rained all day and the wind wasn't even bad. So it wasn't that bad of a storm, we survived and all of us from Utah were just calm it wasn't even a storm for us, but the rain was nice :).
Friday was service at the Food Bank and that always goes good. Just helping people get food for the holidays and so its always feel great to help them out.
Saturday was just a regular day of missionary work and went out and tried to go teach.
Sunday was 8 hours of church. Which I do not recommend to anyone. By hour 4 you are gone and just want to sleep, plus when the high council is speaking in both wards and their talks are word for word the same, its kind of boring. So I just caught up on my journal writing :). But Sunday we taught a lesson to a great guy and we are super excited about him! I have lots of faith in him and he is so prepared for the gospel. He told us that there is something that keeps telling him to look for a religion and that all the ones that he has tried just aren't right. Also he hasn't ever heard about Joseph Smith so that was cool to tell him about the Restoration! Its always nice when a person hasn't had anti Mormon stuff told to them :).
So that was my week. It was full of adventure and exciting times. We are getting ready for Christmas and trying to make the best of everything that is happening! We know that Heavenly Father is there for us and leading and guiding us each and everyday.
I love you all and I hope you have a Christ centered Christmas! Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas and keep passing out those pass along cards! Share the gospel with everyone you know! Christmas is the time to do it.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Sister Amy Calton the younger

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