Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter date 12/1/2014

Dear Everyone,
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There isn't much to say about the past few days. Just keeping busy with missionary work and trying our hardest everyday to find new people to teach. Thanksgiving night was very interesting. We had two Thanksgiving dinners and the first one was with one of our members so it was great. Our member's sister just got home from her mission, but she came home 3 months early. But the best part is that she was in Whitney's mission!!!! Sister Mendenhall is her name and she told me that she actually went out to St. Louis with Whitney, so she knows her! It was really nice to talk to her a little bit about my sister and to see how she is doing.  Later Sister Zenger told me that everyone in our ward that has a missionary out in a place where I know someone, they get sent home because they are sick, which this has only happened twice! Guess I am just bad luck! :)
The second dinner was with an investigator and it didn't go too well. Lets just say that. But we were grateful for the opportunity to go and eat there with them.
Well if you hadn't heard about He is the Gift yet then you are about to hear about it. Its this thing that the church is doing everywhere so that all the missionaries and members have the chance to go out and share what Christmas is all about. Why we really celebrate Christmas and what was the very first gift that was given. If you hadn't seen the movie yet, go and watch it!!!!! Its amazing! Once you watch it then go and share it with other around you! Everyone can benefit from hearing about the true meaning a Christmas. In the Ensign for the month of December they have put pass along cards in there for everyone to go out and share the message! So I encourage everyone to go and do that. to pass out one card to a non member that they know. We as members of the church know the importance of the gospel and we know the blessings that we get from living it, so its our duty to go out and share it with others. Please go and share the message!!!! :)
Well I love you all and I am having a blast out here in the mission field. I just miss the snow of home, but that is ok! We get rain instead and so that is almost as good :)
Have a wonderful week and get out there and share the gospel!
Sister Calton

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