Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter Date 9/21/14

​This is everyone that is in my Zone. 

Dear Everyone,
This week has been an amazing week.  Its been lots of fun and its been kind of crazy. Last Monday our Zone all went to Old Sacramento and did a picture scavenger hunt. It was cool to just run around and try to find all these different things while also seeing some awesome sights!  (Pictures to come). 
Its fun to be with the Elders on P-day and to get to know them better, they are all super amazing!  
Tuesday was Exchanges and so I went with Sister Kandare to her area, Anatolia, and that was a new experience. It was weird being away from my companion and it was kind of hard to be in an area where you didn't really do much but riding the bike.  But that is how missionary life is some times, so it is all good.  It was a neat experience and it made me appreciate my companion and my area a lot more. 

       Wednesday was back to normal, and that I was grateful for.  It was just another day of missionary work and trying to find people to teach.  So just a lot of driving around and knocking on people's houses.  But it was great.  Love tracking!!!!

      Thursdays are our busy days. We have a couple of different people that we go and see. One of the is from Germany and she is so amazing. She has a 3 year old daughter and she is the cutest thing ever!!! We have been teaching her for 3 weeks and she hasn't ever really felt the spirit yet, but this last time she really felt it. It was so amazing to see her finally opening up and talking about what she wants and how she likes reading the Book of Mormon and how it is just more prophets talking of Jesus Christ. (I can't tell you how glad I was to here that because honestly I think that was the first time that I have heard it on my mission, everyone else only believes in the bible.) She is getting so strong and she has tons of potential and I am super excited for her.

The other investigator I want to mention is one amazing women.  She has been through a lot in her life and she really knows what God wants for her.  She is super amazing and has such a strong spirit.  Her and her two daughters wanted to come to church yesterday and they were planning on it, but the dog got sick.  Sister Zenger is convinced that Satan has control over dogs and that is why so many people won't get baptized because their dogs mess up lessons or they get sick so they can't come to church or something.  But she said that she is coming to church no matter what next week. She doesn't care if she is sick or anything else, she is coming. So I am excited for her!!!

One last thing. So anyone that really knows me knows that I hate spiders, like I am deathly scared of spiders. Here is the story of California. No one knows how to kill spiders.  They have them all over their door steps and all over their houses.  And these aren't small spiders they are big spiders! Well we were doing a service project for this member the other day and she had us pick up ceramic molds out of her back yard on Friday.  They have been sitting out there for 4 years. You should have seen the spiders. They were big and so I just kind of helped out the best that I could (which meant that once they got all the spiders off I would pick up the mold and put it in a pile). But it was nice to do service and help people with their lives.  Its what Christ would do and I am so grateful that this mission is helping me face my fears. Its what God wants for us and its what we need.

I love you all and I am growing in the gospel everyday. I challenge everyone to help out their ward
missionaries to help them find the people that are searching for the gospel. Also memorize the Articles of Faith and tell them to a non member!!! They will help you become better missionaries and they will open the door for great missionary opportunities!!! It will bless your life!

Keep smiling and remember what the Savior has done for you!

Sister Amy Calton 

Some of the Elders in my Zone. We were at a Halloween Shop :)

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