Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter Date 12/08/2014

Dear Everyone,

Don't have much time to write a lot, but I just wanted to tell you all that I had an amazing week this week and we finally dropped one of our investigators!  :) Its been a long time coming and Sister Zenger and I know that it will bring us blessing from our Heavenly Father as we open new door ways for those that are ready to come unto the gospel!

Well I hope everyone has found their pass along cards in the Ensign for He is the Gift cause I want you to pass them all out before Christmas! Go and spread the Christmas cheer with everyone you know and help them find Christ this Christmas season! We all need him and we need to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Its not the gifts or the parties or the shopping or anything, its all about Christ and what he has done for us. So please go and spread that out! It will greatly bless you and help you come to know your Savior even more. I know that as I have studied the scripture John 3:16 that I have come to see my Savior in a different light, seen a deeper meanin g to why Heavenly Father has sent him to us. He sent him to save us from ourselves, to find those lost sheep and become the best people that we can be. The main word being BECOME. Study that word this week as you read your scriptures and pray and go to church. Study what it means to become like our Savior. How do we become like him? 

Well I hope you all have an amazing week and do your best in everything that you do. I am praying for all of you and hope that you are all doing well and having a great Christmas holiday! Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas and what it is all about!

Sister Amy Calton 

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