Monday, December 7, 2015

Letter Date 02/16/2015

Dear Everyone,
I told  you all last week about being transferred to Vineyard Ward in the Elk Grove Stake.  Well its been an interesting ride out here! :) Fun but very interesting.... This ward here has never had Sister Missionaries so they are still trying to adjust to us. Its pretty funny at some times cause they don't always think that we do what the Elders do, they even asked us if we go tracting! We had to explain to them that we do everything that the Elders do, the only difference is that we can't hug guys and we can hug women. So its fun and Sister Wheelwright and I love being here! :)  
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It was sad to say goodbye in Carmichael and I will miss everyone there. It was fun to serve around the Senior missionaries and the office Elders, I sure will miss all of them! I still have a year so I could get sent back at some point, you never know! :) But right now its about this ward and this area and making it the best that it can be! We moved into an old Elder's apartment, but surprisingly enough it was actually super clean! We were really surprised about that, but it was nice. 

I am full time bike and we don't even have a car for P-days so the other sisters are nice enough to pick us up for shopping and everything else, so it all works out.

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day and I hope everything is going great for all of you. Remember to always be bareing your testimony to everyone around you and never lose a chance to talk to someone about the Book of Mormon! Its the foundation of our church and it has the fullness of the gospel! Everyone go and give someone the Book of Mormon!!!!! It will greatly bless their lives!!!! :)

Have an amazing week!!!!! :)

Sister Amy Calton 

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