Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letter date 8/19/14
Dear everybody,
I am really loving the MTC. It was super hard the first day and saying good by to my family.  I didn't want to leave them and say goodbye, but we all have to do things that sometimes we don't want to do.  I have two companions and I love them dearly.  they are super great.  Sister Amos is from Layton Utah and she actually has the same birthday as me, which she is the first person that I have met that has the same birthday as me.  Crazy right? Ya it is.  Sister Lavea is from New Zeland and she laughs at our "American" culture a lot.  Its ok though because we make fun of the words that she says all the time :).  Our Elders are the best ones in the field.  They take really good care of us and are always super nice.  Elder Benham is our district leader and then his companion is Elder West.  Then there is Elder Riplie and his companion is Elder Faniu and he is also from New Zeland.  They are really nice and yesterday they gave all us sisters blessings.  It was really nice cause none of them have given many blessings before, so they now have some experience.  Something is special about the way their hands shake when they were giving the blessings.  Really good experience.

Any ways the MTC has been awesome.  Other than the first day.  It is a very strict schedule but it makes the time fly.  The teachers are amazing and they are all really nice to us. They think our district is one of the best here because we are all so willing to learn and work with each other.  We all just get along great.  The food now on the other hand, I feel like they feed us WAY too much, and then they sit us in a classroom with out much exercise time.  I really think they are trying to fatten us up (which for some people they might need it. Elder West thinks he does.) The days here seem long but after a while you lose what day you did things and when you did them early that day you think you did them days ago.  So as Elder Benham likes to say, "It drags on but it flys by." Which is so true. Hard to think that we will have been here a week tomorrow!!!! :) Then out to Sacramento California, which by the way everyone in my district is going!!! :) We are all glad that we aren't going to be separated by too much space. 

Just one more thought before I have to go, I was reading in my scriptures last night and I had a thought.  Coming on the Lord's mission, I had to give up a year and a half of my life, family, friends, free time, movies, phones, school, etc.  But when I came to earth, Heavenly Father had to give me away to a world filled with sorrow, pain, temptations, and sin.  But he found a way for me to be safe and to return back to him, the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful to him for that and I know that is gospel is true and what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing.  So love you all and can't wait to hear from all of you! Have an amazing week!!!
The other Sister Calton (Amy) :)

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